Like all good story...

Say Hello! ~ Find us at the Whisky WONDERLAND ON February 24th!
ben fred

our story began
with two friends 
having a drink

Ever since that momentous occasion, L’Imposteur has been dedicated to creating an Avant-Garde Bourbon that highlights a distinct Canadian personality.

When Benoit Gratton and Frédéric Geoffroy started talking, they realized there was a strong need for an authentic Bourbon with a local and modern twist.

we’re not your
traditional spirits

Even the most conservative of Bourbon and Whisky drinkers have acquired a taste for what we offer.

We recognize that not every Bourbon drinker is the same. Some enjoy a more conservative drink, while others are open to shaking things up a bit. Some prefer a smoother touch, while others don’t mind more character.



Nos recettes secrètes, pas si secrètes.

L'Imposteur délice à l'érable

Auteur : Carle Geoffroy

L’histoire derrière ce cocktail

“January 30, back from work, big day, more snow and the driveway needs a good scrape . We hurry to dinner, and I'm still not in the mood to clear the driveway. Unless... ”

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