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All Bourbon is Whisky but not all Whisky is Bourbon!

Bourbon hasn’t changed much since it was invented in 1845. At least 51% corn and aged in fresh charred new wooden oak barrels is generally how you define what Bourbon is. L’Imposteur it’s putting a unique twist on that by adding maple wood to the aging process to give Bourbon drinkers something new to enjoy. Also introducing our proprietary method of proofing, L’Imposteur, stands as a uniquely novel way of presenting Bourbon.

Once you crack open your new L'Imposteur bourbon whisky bottle, we recommend you pop the cork, and let the whisky breathe in the air for 15 minutes before sampling. The oxidation allows more flavors and aromas to progress. It's science. You won't regret it.

It's L’Imposteur, we know you like it!

Sweet Flavor. Velvety Character.

Wheat Based

If you are a new initiate just beginning your Bourbon journey, you’ll probably start off with a wheat-based Bourbon. That’s not a bad thing. L’Imposteur’s wheat-based Bourbon brings a smoothness without that overly sweet mouthfeel. Its velvety character and tone gives you room to appreciate its complexity.

Expert note: Brass hued and clean wheat Bourbon Whisky with spicy and nutty aromas. Warming oak notes brings a rich, honeycomb flavour together with malty backbone and hazelnut maple for a lengthy, comfortable dram.

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wheat bourbon
rye bourbon

Aromatic Scent. Flavorful Profile.

Rye Based

Sit down and swirl this Bourbon to get the full aromatic flush throughout your senses. Our rye-based Bourbon delivers a flavor profile that even the most conservative of Bourbon drinkers will love. Putting an elegant twist on traditional Bourbon is that unique subtlety that keeps our fans coming back.

Expert note: Copper tinted high-rye Bourbon with sticky long legs and a nose that reminds of sweeping after a day's work at the woodworking studio. Chippy, spicy and lightly maple candy, this whisky tingles the palate with a long, wintery peppercorn warmth.

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