Elevating The Tradition of Bourbon

L’Imposteur takes a collaborative approach to introduce subtle novelties
into the long-standing heritage of Bourbon Whisky.
We know you’ll like it.
Our Story

Born on collaboration in Canada’s National Capital Region

Collaboration, not competition. That is the foundation that L’Imposteur stands upon. You see, we recognize that not every Bourbon drinker is the same. Some enjoy a more conservative drink, while others are open to shaking things up a bit. Some prefer a smoother touch, while others don’t mind more character. 

Like most good stories, our story began with two friends having a drink. The story of L’Imposteur is centered around finding a balanced spirit that everyone, even people that don’t normally drink Bourbon can enjoy.

Single Barrel. Straight Bourbon.

Taking A Unique Approach To Spirits

If this is your first time on our website, you’ll quickly discover that we’re not your traditional spirits company. By taking Bourbon distilled in Indiana, aged in white oak Kentucky barrels, and finally finished and proofed with our secret touch right here in Canada’s National Capital Region, we bring you a secret yet not-so-secret twist on traditional Bourbon.

Even the most conservative of Bourbon and Whisky drinkers have acquired a taste for what we offer. When you know you like something, you know. It’s our commitment to quality, novelty flavors, and deep-rooted authenticity that customers love about our brand.

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When Maple meets Bourbon

Redefining Traditional Bourbon

Everybody wants to know what they are drinking. We say secret, yet not so secret because as an unconventional Bourbon company, we take on a collaborative model. 

L’Imposteur introduces a few subtle novelties that elevate the Bourbon experience to deliver an unmatched, deep-rooted enjoyment. If the Canada’s National Capital Region was a bottle of Bourbon, its name would be L’Imposteur. There’s only one thing you can do at this point. Grab yourself a bottle and take it in. Whether you keep it to yourself or share it with your friends, one thing is for certain, you’ll enjoy the flavor.

Oh! Remember that all Bourbon is Whisky but not all Whisky is Bourbon!

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