Cocktail recipe


Author: Ben L'Imposteur

Story behind this cocktail

Every Friday evening, after a long week of work, this is my go to. Bourbon whisky and pilsner have a history of complimenting each other sublimely. It's as perfect as Curt Henning and as smooth as Elvis, Barry White, Luther Vandross and Norah Jones forming a barbershop quartet, specializing in George Michael and Lionel Ritchie ballads. Oh, and the J, is for Jimi Hendrix.


  • 1 glass of L'Imposteur Rye straight
  • 1 pint of crisp pilsner. Usually Two Tales Pils (5e Baron), Vim & Vigor (Tooth and Nail) or L'Aspiration (Bas-Canada).
  • Jimi Hendrix playlist


Pour into respectful glasses. Start Jimi playlist. Repeat as necessary.

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